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Metadata Application Profile (MAP) for the Carnegie Hall Digital Collections

Carnegie Hall Digital Collections Metadata Application Profile


Last updated: December 2018

This profile describes metadata elements for item-level asset records created and managed by the Carnegie Hall Archives for its Digital Collections. The purpose of establishing this profile is to document current metadata standards, cataloging procedures, and controlled vocabularies to allow for self-assessment and interoperability across cultural institutions. Future additions to this profile will include mapping to DPLA properties, Dublin Core, and other appropriate metadata schemas.

The elements outlined in this initial profile represent metadata for assets available within Carnegie Hall’s Digital Collections. The elements represent descriptive, administrative, and technical aspects of the digital objects. These assets serve as digital representations of a broad range of archival materials including photographs, program books, flyers, posters, correspondence, and recordings to support Carnegie Hall’s mission and to share our rich history with the widest possible audience. The Carnegie Hall Digital Collections are currently managed in a digital asset management system (DAMS), and we aim to present a public preview of the collection material online in the near future.

Please note this is a preliminary draft release of our metadata profile. Ask questions or share recommendations by following the Feedback instructions.


This site includes a quick look at each element and obligation. This information appears in more detail on the Elements page, sorted by obligation and element name. We also provide a representative sample of authority sources which contribute to our custom metadata profile.


CH Archives welcomes your thoughts, questions, and recommendations.

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CH Archives would like to thank the following individuals/projects/organizations for making resources freely available and usable.

Strategy and structuring informed by information in the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Assessment Interest Group (AIG) Metadata Working Group’s Assessment Toolkit, including resources from the Metadata Application Profile Clearinghouse:

Additional referenced resources:

Feedback section of this Overview document cribs contributing instructions from AMIA Open Source analog-inspection.


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